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DP&R Spearheads Workshop Linking Design to Strategy Development and Implementation

DP&R  Spearheads Workshop Linking Design to Strategy Development and Implementation

9th MSC Workshop Feb 14
 From January 13 – 16, 2014 DP&R led a Strategy Development Workshop for the 9th Mission Support Command, U.S. Army Pacific in order to accelerate the implementation of the command’s strategy for transformation of U.S. Army Reserve capabilities across the U.S. Pacific Command Area of Responsibility.  In doing so, DP&R broke new ground in the field of Design by explicitly linking the Army Design Concept with Strategy Development and implementation.  The workshop challenged participants to iteratively connect the conceptual planning underpinning Design thinking with the detailed planning required in Strategy implementation in response to fundamental operational shifts in their operating environment.  This superb team-building event that increased the organizational leadership team’s understanding of the complex environment in which it operates, was featured in Hawaii Army Weekly.  The workshop produced a number of actionable insights postured for prompt implementation in support of the U.S. Army Pacific mission. Many participants expressed their appreciation of the Workshop – “I was impressed and surprised by what I learned.”  “First day thoughts were, ‘why so much time spent on establishing the concepts of strategic thinking??’ but as early as the 2nd day, I began to grasp why, and it became more meaningful as the class went on, as it’s such a complex situation and changing environment.”