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DP&R Holds Design Thinking Method Seminar For Pacific House Of Mission

DP&R  Holds Design Thinking Method Seminar For Pacific House Of Mission

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DP&R was selected to facilitate a Design Thinking Method seminar for Pacific House of Mission (PHM) Jan 13-14, 2015 to assist in their effort to gain a better, in-depth understanding of their current environment and complex problems facing the organization.  The seminar was designed to help PHM build a strategic roadmap through critical and creative thinking and to see where they desire to be in the next five years.  PHM is a non-profit, Christian outreach ministry whose mission is to go to where military teenagers are. They currently operate in the Chapels on Schofield Barracks, AMR, Hickam, and Pearl Harbor.  The organization creates community for the Chapels, providing leadership training, internships, mentoring, Bible Studies, and PHM Club activities.

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The DP&R team helped the PHM staff and Board of Directors to “collide” their separate perceptions about the organization’s major components. They, in turn, were able to analyze all of the relational connections between those components. Finally, they learned to apply the Design Thinking Method to describe their “desired state” and how to get there. The final product gave the PHM team insight into how to optimize their mission, and how to move their organization closer to their desired state.  The seminar was more than just coursework.  It involved hands-on practical application of the lessons to their situation.  This led PHM to accurately depicting in visual form and describing specifically in words their current, daily environment along with the interaction of the comprehensive list of components in relational perspective.  The product has become “a catalyst for the PHM team to logically and wisely move ahead.”