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Preparedness is not a state you attain; instead, it is a dynamic process in which we mitigate risk as tensions and system vulnerabilities rapidly change with time.”


To be a thought leader in developing and accelerating new ideas to benefit our customers by creating innovative solutions to simple and complex problems in order to increase our customers’ organizational clockspeed and to be the best company for our community.

Operating Principles

Values Based:  DP&R is a values based organization, holding core American values as a foundation for its services and employees – faith, family and liberty.

Organizational Clockspeed:  DP&R is dedicated  to minimizing the lifecycle of concept to execution through pursuit of business intelligence, networking and systems approach decision-making.

Impeccable Reputation:  DP&R is committed to ensuring all services and products are synonymous with excellence.

DP&R is led by CEO Chels Chae, a combat veteran whose service to the United States Army for nearly 30 years has contributed to our National Security.